I Am Who I Am: An Introduction.

“One life.  Just one.  Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?”  –Unknown.

I’m officially starting a blog, aka getting naked in front of all of you.  I’ve been writing since I was a kid – whether it was a mini romance, my goals, a memoir to my piano, or my parents’ grocery lists.  As an adult, I am neurotic about keeping lists – to-do lists, goals, chores, things to buy, things I want, work projects, books to read, the list(s) go on and on and on.  Whether they actually help or hinder, is yet to be determined.

We’ve all heard the term “word vomit.”  For me, living life is consuming everything in sight, and writing is a physical manifestation of releasing all the good and the bad from your insides.  It’s necessary.  I tend to write about my day, my past, some fashion, some faves, racism, and a sprinkle of politics, but mostly just about life.  Sometimes, my head is filled with heavy, existential melodies; other times, just your everyday thoughts.

Like… this:

“What do you do?” has become society’s go-to “hello,” as if the jobs we work define who we are.  But the question we most often ask ourselves is probably – “Who am I?”  (or, “What do I want to eat?”)  What a heavy question to answer in just a few words.  At what age are we required to have this elevator pitch of a story scripted and ready to go?

Who knows?  I sure don’t.  And that is one of my best reasons for starting this blog.

To give you a frame of reference for who I am:  I am a 28-year old, first-generation American-Korean woman, married to my best friend (& the sweetest soul), and the mother to three cat children.  My family and home are the center of my universe.  I’ve lived through some trauma, as most of us have, and at my lowest points, I find strength and encouragement from reading anything from quotes, books, and articles, to Instagram captions, and even shampoo labels.  Words are powerful.  So – I figured, why not.  If even one person gets anything out of reading my posts, then mission accomplished.

I’d love for all my posts to be interactive, so please comment on any thoughts, answers, or questions you might have.  Thanks for being here.


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