10 Days in 1 Carry-On.

There’s something about packing for a trip that kicks your anxiety into high-gear, making you feel like you MUST pack every single thing you own that you love, like, or “might need” (just-in-case).  I am so guilty of this, and the first time it really hit me, was when we went to Hawaii.  My husband (then boyfriend) and I each packed a big suitcase, stuffed to the rim, barely zipped, with 45 too many pieces of clothing.  I had literally packed 2–3 outfits per day (just-in-case).  And guess how many of those I actually wore?  MAYBE 3 or 4 outfits the ENTIRE TRIP.  I basically lived in two bikinis, the same pair of shorts, a sundress, and one fancy dinner outfit.

To ease my anxiety, I keep the same “Master Packing List” (below) on my computer, phone, and planner.  This Master List has four major sections: (1) clothes, (2) toiletries/hair, (3) makeup, and (4) carry-on items.  The only section that really changes is Section 1: Clothes.  Everything else pretty much stays the same, regardless of where I’m traveling to.

*My best tip for packing smart/light for any vacation is this – pick staple pieces in your wardrobe that are tried & true, those clothes you KNOW you always look good in.  Then map out some potential outfits…


As you can see, I’m taking more dresses than jeans this trip because it’s really humid in Korea, and we’re going to a wedding.

*Flight outfit:  Black yoga pants, black hoodie, leather, booties – always layer & wear your heaviest items on the plane (1) because it’s freezing, and (2) more room in your suitcase.

*Packing Tip:  Roll your clothes into a few big burritos, with the heavier, less likely to wrinkle clothes in the middle.  Here, I have my jeans in the middle, with shirts (from heaviest in the middle to lightest on the outside), with some linen culottes on the very outside.


I’m also crazy particular about my clothes getting wrinkled (even though irons exist), so I will leave the above items hung like this until tomorrow morning, then roll them into my suitcase before we leave.


  1. Flat iron
  2. Comb
  3. Hair ties
  4. Hair clips
  5. Bobby pins
  6. Hair spray
  7. Dry shampoo
  8. Heat protectant
  9. Texture paste
  10. Makeup removers
  11. Face wash
  12. Underye shiz
  13. Face lotion
  14. Night serums
  15. Nail file
  16. Super glue
  17. Nail clippers
  18. Tweezers
  19. Q-tips
  20. Glasses & case
  21. Contacts, case & solution
  22. Toothbrush
  23. Tooth paste
  24. Floss
  25. Retainers & case
  26. Body wash
  27. Shampoo & conditioner
  28. Loofa
  29. Razor
  30. Tampons
  31. Deodorant
  32. Claritin, inhaler & Tylenol

*Toiletries Tip:  Keep sample packaging and use for travel.  I also bought these round silicone containers at Walmart for a few dollars.  They are perfect for creams and pills.  They’re tiny, easy to clean, and do not leak.


  1. Undereye gel
  2. Foundation
  3. Beauty blender
  4. Concealer
  5. Undereye concealer
  6. Powder
  7. Blush & brush
  8. Brow pencil & brush
  9. Brow gel
  10. Contour palette & brush
  11. Highlighting palette & brush
  12. Lip stuff

*For toiletries and makeup:  Write down the items as you’re getting ready one day, in order, so you don’t forget anything, and then pack everything in order, the last day you shower/get ready before your trip.



  1. Phone
  2. Charger
  3. Mobile charger & cord
  4. Converters
  5. Wallet
  6. Passport
  7. ID
  8. Plane tickets
  9. Book
  10. Pens
  11. Journal
  12. Sunnies & case
  13. Perfume
  14. Chapstick
  15. Water
  16. Hand sanitizer
  17. Headphones & cord
  18. Snacks

*Worst part of every vacation:  Leaving the babies.  They always know we’re leaving. 😭

Hope that was helpful!


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