Depression.  Anxiety.  Tattoos.  Rape.  Race.  Religion.  PTSD.  Body Shapes.  Clothing Choices.

So many stigmas surround every aspect of society today.  When and how did these stigmas begin?  Did one asshole just stand up one day and declare their disdain for another human’s characteristics or experiences, and then other assholes just decided that they agree?

With social media in our faces 24/7, it’s really hard to discern whether it has gotten better or worse.

We lost a fashion icon yesterday.  Kate Spade’s family has stated that her suicide was “not unexpected,” and that she struggled for years with bipolar disorder, but she was too scared to seek help in case it may hurt her brand.

Let that sink in.  Someone as influential, dynamic, and successful as Kate freakin’ Spade was afraid to seek help in case it would have a negative effect on her.  

Almost every single woman I know owns at least one Kate Spade item.  And I would like to believe that if such publicity came out, that Ms. Spade had been seeking help for her mental health, the world would have applauded her and thanked her for creating more awareness and bringing these conversations to light.

But lately, all I hear and see from social media is bullying, in the form of casual memes, to vicious ridicule of people’s images or life choices.  And life is hard enough as it is.

To give you an aerial view of my daily life, I feel very isolated in a male-dominated industry, in which the vast majority of people in general are of the same race and religion, and 99% of their hobbies and interests align.  I have never fit into that norm, and I have accepted that I never will.  On top of that, I haven’t been the same since my Best Friend Breakup.

BUT, I have the kindest, most loving husband/life partner/ride or die in the world, a family who unconditionally loves and cares for me, and three of the cutest, fluffiest, cuddliest angel-baby-fur-children.

To any of you who may be feeling alone, misunderstood, or neglected ~ You are not alone.  I understand.  And you are loved.  On the flip side:  You may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  And there are lots of assholes in this world, notwithstanding your badassery.

❤️ YOU KEEP DOING YOU, BOO.  We’re here too, and we see you. ❤️



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