You Can’t Fake Passion.

I am a full-time corporate attorney, specializing in business formation, restructuring, and domestic and international tax planning.  I have these amazing opportunities to work with everything from fresh startup companies to multi-million dollar corporations.

I am a wife, happily married to my best friend of almost eight years; a cat mom, to three of the sweetest fur babies in the world; a first-time homeowner, still sometimes struggling to make ends meet.

I Instagram A LOT, I write, I blog, and recently I YouTube.  My content ranges from fashion & makeup to hard life truths.

For months, I have been trying to silence this airhorn that continuously blares in my face:  THERE IS SO MUCH MORE FOR YOU.  YOU ARE MEANT FOR SOMETHING GREATER.  PUSH YOURSELF OUT OF EVERY COMFORT YOU’VE EVER KNOWN.  GROW, GROW, GROW.

I know – it sounds cheesy, especially when you mix that in with my Instagram feed filled with material things – clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, sunglasses galore.  I love those things, absolutely.  But it isn’t just about the clothes or the makeup.  It’s not about the nails or the eyelash extensions.

It’s about the way they make you feel.  It’s in the way they nudge your chin up toward the light, the way I see my friends’ or strangers’ faces light up, when they put on a piece of clothing they would have never picked out for themselves, because they always thought they could never pull it off, that it wasn’t them, or that they couldn’t afford it.

While I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly what it is that I am furiously pursuing these days, I know, in my gut and in my heart, that it sets my soul on fire.

So, ya know what?  Don’t ever be ashamed of what you’re passionate about, whether it’s a side hustle or a hobby, whether you’re good at it or not.  Be unapologetic in your own pursuit of happiness.

This world could always use some more passion in it.



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