Monday Motivation: Boss Babes.

I met her over 10 years ago.  We knew each other from another life, a distant past, in which we both were busy finding ourselves, with not the faintest idea of where we’d both be in our lives today.

Instagram kept us “in touch,” but her Insta feed barely even scratched the surface of the magnitude of this woman’s depth and beauty.

Today, she is the founder and CEO of a local company, building an empire from the ground up, with her own two hands.  She felt the passion, she saw a need, and she went after it, courageously & wholeheartedly.

Sitting across from this woman, who is the same age as me, who ran around in the same circles as me all those years ago…  My entire body was covered in goosebumps as I sat there, absorbing her grace, confidence, and light.  She oozed happiness and conviction, even as she explained to me, that five years into building her business, she was still unsure of exactly what the end goal is because what she once thought were impossible dreams have now become her reality.

These days, anytime negative self-talk starts creeping in, or I feel myself losing motivation (which happens at least once a day, guys)…  my mind immediately wanders to this boss babe, and all the others that silently teach me how to be stronger.

Women, who, 6 years ago, were hustling to build up their clientele, and today, are literally booked out months at a time, with their wait lists overflowing;

the woman, who was unhappy as an attorney, and had the balls to quit and start over, recreating her own happiness and success in real estate;

the woman, designing and creating multiple clothing lines, building her own websites, and shipping each item out herself, to support causes she believes in;

the woman, who started out as a front desk receptionist, and now is the CEO’s right-hand woman;

the women, who have children, and are the breadwinners, hustling at work and then again at home, every single day.

I’m lucky to know you women.  Thank you for motivating me to run after my wildest dreams, simply by living your lives so beautifully.



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