Best Drinks in Town.

Good weather means good times with good friends, and Salt Lake City has got some bangers out here.  These are my current favorite spots for the best drinks in town, with my go-to cocktail for each.  All of these cocktails are as delicious as the place’s vibes are cute.  They even have great food too.  So, go out there and enjoy, but please remember to drink responsibly and not drive.

White Horse Spirits and Kitchen | White Horse Old Fashioned
woodford bourbon, george dickel rye, demerara sugar, fee bros. bitters

Taqueria 27 | T27 Margarita *ask for the long pour
lunazul blanco, triple sec, lime, blood orange, agave nectar, salt on the rocks

El Chihuahua | Blood Orange Duckie Death Star (if you dare)
rothchild vodka, everclear, 151, lime-a-rita, blood orange

Prohibition | Lavender 75
brokers gin, sparkling wine, fresh lemon, lavender honey

Under Current | Bin & Gitters
st george terroir gin, lime, angostura, mint

Table X | Rosita
herradura anejo tequila, campari, rouge & dry vermouth

Lake Effect | Frida’s Pimiento de Fresa
wahaka espadin mezcal, ancho chile reyes, strawberry peppercorn simple syrup, lime, grapefruit, rhubarb bitters



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