My Top 3 Beauty Secrets.

Hi lovers ~

Read on for my top 3 secrets that have been part of my beauty routine for years:

  1. Face mask every Sunday night.
  2. Lash serum on lashes AND brows.
  3. Eyelash extensions every 3–4 weeks.


I. LOVE. MASKS.  I used to buy every mask I came across because they’re only a few bucks and they are a 30-minute spa experience in the comfort of your very own bed!  But alas ~ my hunt is over.  Out of all the masks I’ve tried, Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Hydrogel Mask is THE BEST MASK in the universe.  The mask has this magical texture & consistency of flubber + water.  It feels amazing on my face and leaves my skin smoother, softer, more hydrated, plumper, cleaner, and more perfect than any other mask ever.

The beauty world seems to have caught onto the power of these masks because no joke, they are usually sold out at every Walgreens I go to, so now I just order them on Amazon.  Get the 12-pack here:!



I have used this lash serum off and on for years, but for the past year, I randomly started using it on my brows AND I AM SHOOK.  (I’m not sure that’s how to use that phrase, but it felt right, so roll with me.)  I was that middle-schooler 🙋🏻‍♀️ who over-tweezed the shit outta her brows one night at a sleepover at her friend’s house, so I have literally been growing out my brows for almost 15 years now to get them to where they’re at and this serum WORKS WONDERS.

Swipe it above your lash line and brows every single night before bed and I guarantee you will start seeing results within the month.  And good news!  You can get it on Amazon too:



Don’t mind my brows that need some loving (reference paragraph above – I’ve been growing these babies out for years) and my no-makeup face, but WOULD YA LOOK AT THESE FLUFFY LASHES?!?!  I have been getting eyelash extensions for several years now and contrary to what some people say, my natural lashes (though they are but wee lil ones) are healthy and normal; HOWEVER, my natural lashes are very, very short and thin.  SO – lash extensions are one of the best things to ever be invented, IMO.

I get volume lashes and I get them filled every 3–4 weeks.  I like the look bordering on natural, leaning toward dramatic, so I prefer volume over classic lashes.  Volume lashes are fans of multiple, thinner lashes (3–5 lashes) on each natural lash, while classic lashes are generally a single, thicker lash on each natural lash.

Lash extensions have changed my makeup game forever.  Having these beautiful babies on my eyes literally cuts my everyday makeup routine down to less than 10 minutes.  During the workweek, I don’t have to put anything on my eyes – no mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow, just face and brows and boom!  Out the door.

If you’re in the Salt Lake area, hit up my girl Brie: @briannadanielle.lashes.  She is the greatest lash artist the world has ever seen!! 💕



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