Lovin’ the Lob Life.

Do I ever regret chopping all my hair off? No.
Do I ever miss my long hair? Yes.

A few background facts for you:

  • Before this change, my hair was the longest it had been in my life… I was growing my hair out for my wedding last September.
  • I’ve had short (shorter than this) hair maybe 2 or 3 times total in my life.
  • My hair grows like a weed & luckily, my husband is a crazy talented hair cutting specialist.
  • I get bored with my hair length & color about every other week.
  • When I started law school in 2013, I stopped putting any “crazy” colors in my hair.
  • My hair is part of my identity and illustrates the chapters I have lived, and I love being able to look back on that.



LOB LIFE: I get lots of questions about how my hair is cut and how I style it. I’ll leave styling for another time, but as far as the cut goes – I wanted the classic lob, which is a long bob. With my face shape, I rarely ever go shorter than chin length; otherwise, I start looking like a potato.

So, I showed my husband/hair stylist this inspo:

Lob Haircut Inspo

then told him that I want a classic, textured, long bob, slightly longer in the front, but NOT an a-line, the ends about at my collar bones, with a blunt shape, some movement, no fringe in front, and that I wanted it to look equally good with both a center part and a heavy side part…

& voila! As always, husband delivered with the haircut of my dreams. He gave me interior layers to keep the bluntness but to add texture & movement, and it is my favorite haircut ever.



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