Just Another Mani Monday.

Your nails aren’t going to change the world,
but the woman who wears them will.

– Tammy Taylor

It wasn’t until I looked back through all my mani photos that I noticed – I basically only like two styles: some sort of floral design or a geometric-ish mod, minimal design.

My nails, like my hair, grow like crazy weeds (don’t ask me why or how), so my cute friend just puts gel polish on my natural nails.

As far as shape goes, I have tried the Kylie Jenner rectangular shape, super sharp stiletto, coffin nails, etc., but I always end up coming back to the almond shape, which is shaped like an almond (duh) – it’s more of a longer, rounded, oval shape, not super pointed at the ends (see first four pics below).  It feels more practical for my everyday life, without having to sacrifice length or fun designs.

My nails, like my hair, are a pretty strong part of my physical identity.  I religiously get my nails done every 3 weeks by one of my great friends.  My appointments are like therapy for me AND I get to rock some cool designs while wearing what sometimes feels like boring suits to work every day.

✨ These are my favorites of the year (which I cannot believe is already almost over… 😳!):

When it comes to solid colors, I usually go for the classics – nude, white, or the occasional pink:

Thanks for hangin’ with me on this 💅🏼 Mani Monday! 💕


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