Nina’s Under $25 Gift Guide.

Christmas is quickly approaching, and if the person you’re shopping for is anything like me, then they will most likely love any of the following items from Amazon (click on the underlined items to be linked directly to my faves!):

  1. FLUFFY BLANKET – because you can never have too many cute blankets!  This one is so freakin’ soft & plush and will look great anywhere in your home.
  2. DIFFUSER – because no one likes waking up with dry skin or chapped lips!  This one from Amazon is the best I’ve found.  It’s cute, small, works like a charm, and never leaks.  I keep it on my nightstand and it looks like it’s part of my decor.  Some nights I use just water; other nights, I will add some essential oils.
  3. CANDY – because candy.  I love fruit candy and these are HANDS DOWN the best candies I’ve ever tasted in my life.  They have real fruit flavors and snacking on one of these after a meal has been much better for my waistline than eating a whole box of donuts, which is what I usually want to do.
    Cavendish & Harvey Hard Candy Drops 1.75oz Tins (6 Flavor Mix, Variety Pack)
  4. IPHONE CORD – because we know we can never have enough of these lying around.  This cute, sturdy, affordable cord is the best I’ve found.  The rope texture prevents it from ever breaking or fraying (thanks, Apple).  I keep one in my car, one by my bed, and one in the kitchen!  (It even comes in PINK.)
  5. PHONE STAND – this little babe is the thing you never knew you needed!  I have one on my desk at work and my vanity desk where I do my makeup in the mornings.  My husband saw mine and wanted one too, so he keeps his on his night stand and even uses it for conference calls.  It is so convenient to set your phone on and you can also charge it on here!  (They even have a PINK one to match the cord above!)
  6. GIANT WATER BOTTLE – because you can never drink enough water.  I have two of these bad boys.  I keep one by by my bed and one at my office at all times.  I fill them up with ice and water every day and make it a goal to drink as much as possible.  If you do this consistently, I guarantee you will eventually have clearer skin and feel great all around.
  7. STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS – because I’m on the no plastic straw campaign and because these are so convenient and easy to wash.  I use these almost every single day to drink my smoothies and shakes!
  8. CUTE PENS – because I’m obsessed with pens.  I use these every single day in my planner and for work.  They live in my purse.  They’re the perfect, ultra fine tip with great pigment that won’t bleed through paper.  (You fellow pen nerds out there know what I’m sayin’!)

Happy Holidays, my friends~!


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