My Top Instagram Tips.

My Instagram poll results were overwhelmingly in favor of this post over “Petite Styling Tips,” so you’ll see that one later this week~

Since I’ve been growing my Instagram [@xoninackim], I’ve been keeping track of my most FAQs and I wanted to share some practical tips you can use that are simple and effective.

*Keep in mind that people have differing opinions about what works & what doesn’t, so really, my overarching #1 TIP is to experiment, analyze, and work, work, work.


☆ Always keep your story active, which means you should post at least 1 story every 24 hours.

☆ Tag your location & use hashtags at least once a day.  (A lot of people say this doesn’t help, but my numbers always show that it does, and if anything, there is zero downside to doing this, so why not? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

☆ A lot of people overlook their stories, and I’ve met some of the coolest people because of stories I’ve posted.  It’s a more real-time look into our daily lives over our curated feeds and people relate to that.


☆ Comment back to every single comment, especially within the first hour of posting a photo on your feed and use at least 4–5 words, not including emojis.

(There is a lot of debate over whether Instagram’s algorithms count anything less than 4 or 5 words as “real engagement,” so again, since it doesn’t hurt, I always try to respond back with something more than just “thanks” or a heart emoji.)


☆ Respond to your DMs, minus the creepy ones.  Not only does this boost your engagement level in the algorithm, but it gives you the opportunity to create meaningful connections.


☆ Have at least one genuine interaction a day, outside of the “you’re pretty” ~ “thanks girl” interactions.

☆ For me, these generally come in the form of a random DM or response to a story I posted, or me responding to someone else’s story, then carrying on an actual conversation about food, working out, preparing to go to law school, etc.

That’s all for today, folks.  I hope you found these tidbits helpful!


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