Rather than ugly cry and not be able to voice my thoughts & feelings to you in 15-second increments on Instagram, I wanted to share a bit of myself and why this means so much to me with you here.


I’ve lived through my fair share of traumas and feel that I have lived a relatively hard life, but somehow, I’ve always been able to get through it, usually rocking a smile + an outfit I love.  2018 was a particularly difficult year for me – my best friend and I broke up (see Unicorn: Adult Best Friendships post), I was [incorrectly] diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia (an incurable chronic pain condition causing debilitating headaches), my career became more & more demanding, our baby Tiny was diagnosed with kidney disease, and an ongoing, indescribably painful personal battle that I still have a hard time talking about.

Though I still cry about that breakup over a year later; the right side of my head has never been the same; and my career continues to be more demanding, I’ve been able to grow from it all and create a life that I freakin’ love.  Still, although I have my husband, mom, and dad, who are my three closest friends and the greatest humans I’ve ever known, and my three beautiful fur babies; sometimes, I get lonely.

Having gone to church, competitively playing piano, taking dance classes and taekwondo my entire childhood, I always felt I was part of some sort of community.  But as an adult who no longer does any of those things, with what sometimes feels like only enough energy to get through each work day, life started to feel somewhat meaningless.

I see and hear the mean, flippant remarks people make about bloggers and influencers, but all of those comments combined don’t even come close to touching the 0.0001% threshold of the happiness, fulfillment, and sense of community I have felt every single day since I started this journey.  Being brave and taking a leap of faith over on Instagram is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for myself.

To be able to channel all of my passions & creativity into a side hustle where I get to meet and support like-minded women from all over the world, who are equally wholeheartedly creating a life they love – that, my friends, is ★MAGIC★.

I told myself from the very beginning that if I was going to do this, I would give it everything I have every single day, and even though it’s hard work 24/7, I love it more than ever and I am more grateful to each of you than you could ever know.



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