This, ladies & gentlemen, is a monumental moment in history.  I am officially declaring March a NO BUY MONTH.  I have never in my life attempted this or wanted to for any period of time, let alone an entire month, so I thought I’d bring you along on this month-long journey.

Here we go~  the rules are simple:  No buying anything that is not a necessity.

This means no clothes, no shoes, no accessories (other than those currently in transit that I purchased in February) and this does not include new clothes, shoes, or accessories that I am gifted for collaborations or partnerships.

What sparked this crazy, out-of-character idea?  My online shopping addiction has gotten so out of hand that I have clothes with tags on them piling up in my closets and when boxes arrive at my house, I literally have no clue what is inside of them.  Crazy, I know.

I’ve been feeling conflicted about consuming at such high and unnecessary rates, and upset about all the waste, so this is one of my immediate solutions.  It is also the ULTIMATE test for myself and I have every intention of succeeding.

So, here’s what I’ve done in preparation for the looong month ahead~

  1. Unsubscribe from all online shopping website emails.
    I kid you not, this was like a part-time freakin’ job.  I have that OCD where I can’t have any unread notifications on my iPhone, so over the past two weeks, it feels like I’ve constantly been unsubscribing all throughout the day.  But out of sight, out of mind, RIGHT?
  2. Do laundry & organize closets.
    It’s truly amazing how many things I forgot I even had, so I did ALL my laundry and Marie Kondo’d the shi* out of my closets (yes, my clothes have taken over all four closets in our house & my husband uses about 1/3rd of one closet).  This is also what led to me doing the “Shop My Closet” sales over on my Instagram every week.
  3. Take inventory of all the clothes I haven’t worn yet.
    I literally wrote down every single thing I *had* to buy, yet never wore, sometimes for months and planned outfits around them.

I will keep you posted throughout the month, mostly to hold myself accountable through you!  Cheers to consuming less + living more intentionally.


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