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Hi friends!

I realized it’s been a  l o n g  MINUTE since I’ve written any blog posts over here on my website, and since I’ve been posting about this on my IG stories here & there, I’ve been getting more questions on what sort of mentoring I offer, how it works, and how much I charge.

Below are the FOUR CATEGORIES of mentoring services I currently offer. These bullet points cover most, but not all, of the items we will discuss. Most of my services are provided to you one-on-one, via email or chat; however, if you prefer & you learn better this way, we can also incorporate phone calls or video conferences.

I do not claim to ever be an expert in any of the following areas. I am still constantly learning new things every day, but what I can offer you are insights into my own experiences, milestones achieved, and lessons learned.

If you are interested in receiving one-on-one mentoring from me, please email me at for my current schedule and rates.



  • MBM IG Growth Course
  • How IG’s algorithm works
  • How to find your niche & why it’s important
  • How to grow your community
  • How to increase your engagement ratios
  • How to bounce back from an IG “plateau”
  • What kind of content to post
  • When & how often to post
  • How to make the most of your stories
  • How to analyze & implement your IG data
  • Which apps make your life easier
  • Which hashtags to use, when to use them, and how many to use
  • When & how to engage with your existing followers
  • When & how to engage with new accounts
  • How to create & meet your IG goals
  • …and more


  • Which companies to work with
  • Which companies to avoid
  • When to accept terms & when to negotiate better terms
  • When & how to pitch to brands
  • How & when to get a contract in place
  • How much to charge
  • How to create your own media kit
  • Which resources you need to run your own business
  • …and more


  • Which equipment you need and/or how to make the most of what you have
  • Which photo editing apps are best
  • How to edit your photos
  • How to find your own shooting + editing style
  • When to take photos
  • How to establish & stick to a content calendar
  • How to preview & manage your feed
  • How to write captions
  • …and more

(lawyer example below for illustration purposes)

  • What to major and/or minor in for undergrad
  • What to focus on during undergrad
  • Which extracurricular activities count
  • When to take the LSAT
  • How to study for the LSAT
  • Which resources to use to prepare for the LSAT
  • When to apply to law school(s)
  • What law school applications require generally
  • How to survive your 1L year
  • How to take notes & outline in law school
  • How to study for finals
  • How to improve your grades
  • What types of internships are most worthwhile
  • …and more

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