Blonde Hair Life: Products & Tips.

–same hair, different lighting– I probably don’t need to preface this (because asian), but I am not naturally blonde. My natural hair, is in fact, PITCH. BLACK. For the past few months, I’ve been going lighter & lighter – for summer & my quarter-life crisis – and with all that lightening, my hair needs some extra […]

Got Bangs?

Life’s too short to have boring hair. Ever since I was a kid, I changed my hair every chance I could.  I was that little girl, who cut bangs on her barbies, then cut bangs on myself… behind the couch… with craft scissors, then acted like I had no idea why my mom was freaking […]

Lovin’ the Lob Life.

Do I ever regret chopping all my hair off? No. Do I ever miss my long hair? Yes. A few background facts for you: Before this change, my hair was the longest it had been in my life… I was growing my hair out for my wedding last September. I’ve had short (shorter than this) […]